Entry #75

need more time

2018-03-13 23:19:04 by Meatboot

So busy with work, eye injury and these new videogames coming out. Didnt have time to work on any music lately and its all I really wanna do!! Like shit lol A big part of it might be to do with putting off fixing my bass guitars, Peavey needs new wiring and possibly new pick-ups while my schecter needs a new nut because I fucked mine up being a dumbass trying to fit fatter strings then the nut would let it lol. Thats why the last couple of songs were done with my old 5 string squire which does the trick but man I am missing my other ones big time lol. Shit has to change soon or I'm gonna lose my grip on reality. I will do something sooner than later, I guess I just needed vent on why lol for whomever reads these. Sorry for any waiting.


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