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I am a Musician, Bass player and Songwriter.

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Meatboot's News

Posted by Meatboot - 6 days ago

Album and all its tracks finished, just master mixing now. Also just finished some rhythm guitar filming tonight. Gonna finish bass and lead throughout the week then post first teaser.


Posted by Meatboot - August 17th, 2019

Love you all and hate to keep you waiting all year but its honestly for the best, I broke limits in these songs and just totally cant wait to show you. Im drunk so I am thinking of you guys lol. I want you to know that im working my ass off for you lol and it weighs heavily on my mind. There have been the odd bumps in the road but always doing what I can.


Got a fretless in the mail recently. Love it.


Test pics an such


Posted by Meatboot - July 17th, 2019



Posted by Meatboot - July 13th, 2019

Working on a music video, I wanna start teasing some of this album, maybe even post 3 songs and one with the most listens will get the video, lol idk either way progress is being made, the only reason i havent teased this album yet is because the mix is always undergoing changes and wanna make sure you get nothing but the best mix! I have been laid off work lately so i got the time to finish it sooner but Videogames are evil and im heavily addicted to them lol plus been a while since i had a long break. Shit is gonna be awesome though :)

Posted by Meatboot - May 28th, 2019

Sorry for the long ass wait, sometimes I have a writers block and don't wanna force creativity so I take breaks till the feeling comes back. All in all this is my best work and I can't wait to show everyone.

The first 8 songs are complete, just 2 left...



Posted by Meatboot - February 11th, 2019


Trust me when I say im working hard on this everyday after work,

only minor distractions like RE2 Remake and Metro Exodus lol

other than that its coming along nicely!


Posted by Meatboot - January 4th, 2019

The last 4 months my release of songs became less and less frequant than ever before so because my job supports my life and music career, life has been taking me for quite the ride lol but to be honest I have been working and training body and mind for whats to come this year, I cant wait to show you, everything will get stepped up quite a bit, I am even considering starting up my own Youtube Channel, I do have one but Im talking like making it a serious one where instead of pictures of something with music playing ill just have decent quality music videos, its amazing what you can do with a green screen and expensive video editor and camera lmao but thats just in my side missions list, My main Quest comes first! 

Also in side missions is to improve some other song mixes where they are needed, there is lots of mixing mistakes left in older songs that I wasnt trained for at the time, even in some of the 2018 songs. I still want to finish the Brain Burst Project and the Perfect Dark Metalized project. Even want to redo all the Iron Prophets demo mix and drums, and hopefully if Red Beard finds time, Add The Rest of the Iron Prophets songs we have, there's only a few more but they need to be there! Big plans! 


Posted by Meatboot - December 9th, 2018


I went and done it. Did some research and got a really decent microphone. Got the dynamic condenser mic so Can be used for performing and recording. Now i have no excuse. Got the really good brand too. The Shure SM58. I hear lots of good things from their sm57 too. The guy said I just take the the top off and it becomes an sm57 lol 2 in one he said.

Posted by Meatboot - November 21st, 2018

I Remixed "The Lord Of Light" song for Red Beards Birthday, was one of my top favorites of his solos from my projects with him in the past so I gave it some fullness lol. Red Beard is my uncle and he taught me guitar when I was little, he is one of my main inspirations in music and I am thankful for the ability to write songs and play music today. So I was very happy to get into the same band as him when I got older. This remix was also practice on mastering my bass track and I think its better than ever now! Hope you enjoy!




Posted by Meatboot - November 19th, 2018


Our first show as Iron Prophets a few years ago lol found and old poster pic from reactivating facebook lol that was awesome